Activities in ECI

ECI 201 at NC State is a class full of learning the technology used in the classroom. By taking this class, I have improved on my communication skills, along with understanding the levels of technology that teachers can integrate into their classroom for engaging lessons. Below are two of my favorite activities; Designing a digital citizenship poster to make my target audience aware of online safety. The other is a video describing my routine via virtual learning after the pandemic hit. More information on both of these items can be found under the blogs tab.


Digital Citizenship Poster

In ECI 201 we focused a lot on digital citizenship and the do’s and do not’s of online safety. One of my favorite activities was designed a poster, targeted to teenagers about how they can remain safe online. Click the button below to view my poster, and check out the blogs section to read all about incorporating digital citizenship into your classroom!

Digital Citizenship Poster


Video: Zoom University

Everyone was impacted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, it changed schedules and ultimately changed lives. The University made plans to continue with remote learning through Zoom and NC State’s personal learning applicator, Moodle. Both staff and students edited their plans and schedules to make it flexible for everyone. Check out the video below for my morning routine at ‘NCSU Zoom University’.

‘NCSU Zoom University’

Click on the blogs tab to learn about my “Changing Times with COVID-19”