Helpful Links

The following are helpful links that I have found most helpful through my ECI class and I hope to bring into my future classroom someday.


  1. Flipgrid– Flipgrid comes in website and app form that allows for video communication. I recommend Flipgrid to all teachers because it allows the teacher to send mass videos to students regrading lessons and activities. It also gives students the opportunity to give reviews via videos, and they can reply to one another. Flipgrid is also enhanced with emojis and other fun filters to spice up video communication!
  2. Playposit– Playposit is a very interactive site that keeps tabs on students for teachers. Students watch videos, answer questions, and learn new material while their teachers track their progress. I recommend this site to teachers because it’s a good way to keep students engaged in learning because of the questions they have to answer along the way of completing the lesson. PlayPosit
  3. Kahoot– Kahoot is a super fun educational based game to incorporate into the classroom. Teachers can create or use already created lesson based questions and students can answer via computer or smartphone. I recommend Kahoot to teachers because it’s a great day to test the knowledge of students, and they love the challenge and competition Kahoot has to offer. Five Things Parents Should Know from the Kahoot! Survey: "Data ...
  4. Padlet– Padlet is a site that allows students to connect with each other and their teacher via virtual bulletin boards. I recommend Padlet because it helps to get conversations going and posts can remain anonymous. Padlet was used a lot in my ECI 201 class and really put into perspective for me how helpful it would to use in my own classroom someday. Padlet ยป Arlington ISD